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Salud Clínica Médica, a weight loss clinic that also specializes in family practice, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and as a medical spa center. Salud Clinica Medica’s NewMe program is a safe and effective weight loss program that was designed to help you lose weight in the areas where it’s difficult to shed fat. Discover how much weight you can with our weight loss treatment. Call and ask for our HCG program and we’ll tell you just how much weight you can lose.

Need to lose a few lbs? No problem! You can continue losing weight with additional treatments until you reach the NewMe weight loss goal. Lose weight with the supervision of a doctor & counselors. You lose pounds and inches safely without exercise, pain, hunger, and frustration. We have different treatments with many benefits to help you with all your needs as an alternative to the risks of plastic surgery.

*Results not guaranteed and may vary person to person.

If you haven’t been successful in losing weight, feeling “age” is not on your side, need help to push your results to the next level, or have done every diet and didn’t have the right support, then the NewMe program is for you. The more weight you have, the more weight you will lose you, without surgery or exercise, until you reach the NewMe Super Star you want to become, just like our patients, doctors, and weight loss counselor have done. You can follow their stories and success on Facebook at NewMe.



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Results may vary. Same results are not guaranteed for each person.
Weight loss with the HCG treatment promoted on this website will vary for each patient due to factors such as physiognomy, lifestyle, and how well the treatment is followed.

* New patients for pills and injections

The results may vary. The same results are not guaranteed in each person.
The weight loss with the HCG treatment promoted in this website in each patient will depend on different factors such as the physiognomy, lifestyle and the way in which the treatment is followed.